PATH Tips/Best Practices- Using the Email tool to send emails through Gmail

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After the Alteryx update for the version 2019.3, you can send those reports out through any SMTP server that requires credentials, with Gmail being one of the most popular. To ensure you can connect to your Gmail account, just follow the steps as bellow: 

Step 0: You might need to go to your email account to configure some additional settings as security is an imperative for every company and your SMTP email provider likely has some guardrails against letting other applications send an email through their server.

Gmail, for example, requires you to change your account settings but you can do this going to turning “on” the option: “Less secure app access”;

Step 1: For Gmail, connect to “” on port “465”, if you’re using SSL. Connect on port “587” if you’re using TLS;

Step 2: Chose “SSL/TLS” on “Encryption” and select the option “Use SMTP Authentication”;

Step 3: Fill the “Username” and “Password” fields with the email that’s going to be used as the sender;

Step 4: Configure the tool as usual by adding recipients of your analysis, a subject, etc.;

Dica9 Email

That’s it! Now you know how to use the Email tool to send emails through Gmail. 

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