PATH Tips/Best Practices- How to Automatically Apply Worksheet Actions as Dashboard Actions

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In this tip, you will learn how to automatically apply Worksheet Actions as Dashboard Actions. To do this, we will use the Superstore database available on Tableau.



Step 1: Right-click the Category dimension and select create set. Choose ” Material de Escritório” and create the set called Category Set.




Step 2: Create a calculated field called Drill Down Subcategory with the following configuration:



Step 3: Go to Worksheet and select Actions to create a set action as following image:



Step 4: Drag the Category dimension and the calculated field created in step 2 to lines. Drag the Sales measure to column. After that, drag Category in the Color tag and sort your chart down. Note that when you click on a Category, the chart drills down to its corresponding subcategory.




Step 5: In a new Dashboard insert the Set Tip worksheet that contains the previously created bar chat.

  • Note that clicking on a Category, the set action created in the worksheet does not work for your Dashboard.



  • Go back to the Set Tip worksheet and change the previously created Set Action so you will make a worksheet action automatically apply to a dashboard action  without having to create a separate dashboard action. For this, we will change the source worksheet, editing the action already created and selecting the base Example – Superstore, as the following image:



And That’s it! Now you know how to automatically apply worksheet actions as dashboard actions.