PATH Tips/Best Practices- How to create a cover page to navigate to different panels

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Step 1: Create the icons that will be used as a “button” to navigate to each panel (you will need to have an icon for each panel).

To create a icon,open a new worksheet, double-click in the space below the mark card and type ” ” . Then, go to the mark card and select the shape option. Choose the shape you want to use for your icon (you can use an existing shape within Tableau or add a new shape). After that, put your shape as an entire view.





Step 2: Click on the new panel and create your cover with the layout you want. It is important that all the icons created in step 1 are on their cover.

To include the icons created in step 1, just click on the sheet for your icon and drag it to its cover in the location you want. Notice that next to each panel title there is an icon.



Step 3: After steps 1 and 2, publish the four panels to your Tableau Server or Online.

2. Select the Tableau Online or Server option and enter your login and password (In the example in question we will select the Tableau Online option). Once logged in, click the publish option. Repeat this step to publish each Panel.



Step 4: After publishing all the panels that will be used, it is time to link them to the cover.


3. To get the URL that will link the cover to the panel, go to your Tableau Server or Online, click on the previously published panel and copy the URL that appears on the web page. In the example in question the URL will be:



4. For the cover to be linked to the panel, we will have to change the end of the URL. To do this, delete everything after the question mark and include:embed=yes&:linktarget=_self&:render=true.

5. Your URL should look like this:

6. Place this URL in the URL field as shown in the image below:

7. Repeat the process for the others panels.

Step 5: Publish your cover on Tableau Server or Online and it will be linked to the panels.

Final: Okay! Now you know how to create a cover that navigates to different panels.